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And Now...For Something Completely Different. I may be doing it wrong.

Oh, hai, first post.

So, I was listening to 'Life on Mars?' in Maths today (because my teacher lets us listen to music) and I thought, because I was bored, and I hate Maths, and I prefer drawing, that I should draw a LOM picture to go with it. It was going to be Sam in Emotion Turmoil but it escalated into Crack!Sam in Emotional Turmoil. Lol.

Basically, it's a Macro, but I drew it. But does have Macro Speak and LOL!Emotional Turmoil etc.

No spoilers, unless you haven't realised that a) Sam is in the 70s and b) he's not very happy about it.

One NSFW word.

Emotional Turmoil Here at sarahleia
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